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September 18, 2018

The Series
Big Data

Basic Concepts TL;DR
Compute groups a set of products somehow related to Virtual Machines (hardware).
In any case in Cloud you are always dealing also virtual resources, that is, software.
Software is the glue that make you believe that actual resources scattered in several Data Centers are in a single box or case.
Strictly related and truly important is the concept of SCALING.
Scale up and down --> Vertical
Scale in and out --> Horizontal
The sooner you grasp this concept, the better. Modern Systems are built around it.
We are used to think that the best way of growing is the vertical one. Maybe. 
But for sure is the most expensive. 
We'll get back to it. Load Balancing + Avaiabiity Groups coming soon...

Ask yourself

If you have to cut resources (scale down/in) which are the possible problems? 
What about less expensive/easier solutions?
What is a proxy? How is it possible to scale an app with many VM? 

Study Material
Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines

Practice Tests

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